Using Colours to Give a Retro Look to your Living Space

Colours do play a pivotal role in the styling of your living room the retro way. If you are keen for designing your living room with colours, then do check out for the best colour schemes that go well in the retro theme way. The colour scheme ideally should complement all the stuff that you have used for the styling of your room. If you are not able to have the desirable stuff in terms of furniture or other decoration pieces due to budget or any other reason, then an intelligent colour scheme could ideally make up for that void in a very smart way. As a matter of fact, the retro décor using intelligent colour schemes can make a significant impact to the ambience of your living room at home.

retro-living-room-furnitureColours for your Living Room

The retro inspired interior has made a kind of a comeback in the last few years and people love to beautify their room with the awe inspiring retro colour schemes. The bold colours such as purple and navy blue are considered the hot favourites of the recent time. A touch of gold and silver along with some bright colours would exceptionally add to the charm of your living room. The retro themed colours are fashionable enough to give a vintage style look to the room and would definitely make them look fashionable and eye catching.

What to do and what not to do with Colour Schemes

The retro style doesn’t demand people to go significantly overboard with the bright colours and neither it means that you should opt to go for the vivacious design patterns using a variety of different colours. Rather, you must ideally go for an entirely retro based theme. Right from the selection of your chair colours to the design and pattern of your fireplace and the colour of your walls, try to be consistent if retro theme is your type of style. If consistency is not there, then the impact of your retro theme would rather look broken and discarded. You must make sure that the colours of the entire room are very much consistent rather than being in some sort of contrast.

Hitting the Right Cord for the Retro Theme

retro-living-roomRetro based themes are almost always linked with the bold colours, innovative patterns and the type of pattern which is more like going over the top rather than being understated. The look and feel of the retro theme room with colours can look urbane and organic when done in the most desirable way. If you are going the retro style way, then make sure that you are fully there. There is no idea or concept of designing a partial retro theme room. Either you are there or you are not there at all. A fully loaded room with full scale retro style would give an overwhelming touch to your living room and the stuff in the room with consistent bright and bold colours would accentuate the retro image of your living room space.

Thrift Shopping for Retro Theme of your Living Room

The living room or the living space in your home is the most critical in terms of its designing and styling. It is because the household family members spend the most time of their day in the living room. Further, the visitors also sit in your living room, so it has to be the best space in your entire house. If you are looking for some thrift shopping for your retro theme in your living space, then you really need to take out some quality time for research. Sky is the limit when it comes to the relevant options and you can get exceptional items for your living space at an affordable cost.

Thrift Shopping for your Retro Theme

If you are looking for budget shopping, then the rule of thumb is that you cannot  get all the items that you require for your room at once. You need to plan your living space by buying things one after the other. Depending on your budget, this approach of styling your room can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. But, the best thing is that you will never compromise on the things and the level that you want for your living room and that too on a budget. On the other side, if you are on a budget, then buying all things at once would definitely compromise the quality of the styling of your room. You may also miss out on some of the things due to your tight budget. Therefore, the essence of this approach is that you design your living room space by taking some time and keep on stuffing your space until it achieves the stature that you were looking for.

Where to look for Cheap Prices

If you are looking for items at throw away prices, then you can intelligently shop by looking for your desired items at refurbished or maybe the second hand stores as well. This will help you save a lot of money and if you are a good shopper, then you wouldn’t even compromise over the quality of the items as well. There are some items for which you can get great value for the products by buying them from refurbished markets or the second hand stores. These items include most of the decoration pieces, wall paintings and sometimes the carpets and floor rugs too. If they are nicely refurbished, then it will surely add great value to your living space by seamless quality. The savings margin would be at least 50 percent as the new fresh items can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to the selection of wall paintings, rugs and couches in your room. The only thing which doesn’t have any alternative is the wall painting or the colour scheme of your room. This thing is the basic and you must not compromise over the quality of the painting of your room or otherwise all other items in your living room would rather look dull.